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Ghost Game

Posted in 看看戏 moviez, 泰文戏 on 九月 24, 2006 by 阿晶 regine

Watched this show last Saturday, at Genting Highlands. Yes, I went to Genting Highlands with Steven for a short break before my new job started. Just a short getaway and relax trip.

Well, I’ve been amazed by Thai’s horror movies, much better than Japanese or Korean. They are so real and terrified. I remember that most scariest movie I ever watched all my life is the Shuter, a Thai ghost movie too. Watched it 2 years back when I was in Bkk. Since then, I was obsessed by Thai horrow movies. :p

This show is about a reality game became real. Hm.. The effects are quite good, and the ending is quite unexpected though. Bravo again to Thai!! 🙂


Ghost Game tells a story of 11 candidates who join a scary reality show to challenge supernatural events and confront their fears. The winner will be rewarded 5 million Baht.

They are brought to an ancient war museum, which has been abandoned as it has been said that a group of people who visited it 20 years ago died a horrible death.

The candidates stay together in panic and the show ends with a shocking conclusion.