first post with blackie

wanted to try out the web function with my blackie, since i’m here at old town cafe, so don’t waste the resources right? just one thing.. the ‘keyboard’ is rather too small to type on. hm.. that’s why they provide a stylus together with the phone huh..

oh and please bare with me for the ugly style of this post.. can’t really do much with though, or probably im not familiar with this thing yet..

i don’t know how to put style for the text, i don’t know how to include or upload picture, i can’t even read chinese character!!

well anyway, using a mobile phone to post, is really not my type.. the old fashion me still prefer a pc with a real keyboard. my oh my, i think i’m going to be obsolete soon…


8条回应 to “first post with blackie”

  1. Maybe you should see whether your blackie support bluetooth keyboard or not? Hahaha~

    OMG… It can read Chinese characters? for me, if the phone can’t read Chinese character, I would not buy it. But does it can view Chinese SMS?

  2. ~DSvT~
    hm.. actually it need to install another third party software in order to view chinese character. but since I haven’t install it, so can’t view at the moment.. as of chinese sms, i’m not sure if it comes in default that can view, haven’t receive any chinese sms before.. haha..

  3. 真是的… 買東西都不用先做研究… 阿晶還真豪爽 =,=” (可能是錢錢多過頭)

  4. ~狐~
    嗯.. 应该是他豪爽吧.. 呵呵呵….

  5. 是拉是拉… 知道阿晶有人疼拉… =,=”

  6. ~狐~

  7. 唉… 羨煞旁人…


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