Suspend NFL Quarterback Michael Vick for Dogfighting!

This week, a federal grand jury indicted NFL star quarterback Michael Vick and three cohorts on felony dogfighting charges.

The abuses described in the indictment are almost beyond belief, and include a report of Vick being consulted before the execution of the losing dog “by wetting the dog down with water and electrocuting the animal.”

The indictment also describes “the execution of approximately eight dogs that did not perform well in “testing” sessions … by methods including hanging, drowning and slamming at least one dog’s body to the ground.

Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick should be suspended from the NFL immediately!

The NFL expressed “disappointment” and said, “We believe that all concerned should allow the legal process to determine the facts.” That’s just not good enough. The alleged acts were not petty or harmless; they were nothing short of gruesome and barbaric.

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Please, share your sympathy.. Sign up the petition, it wont takes up much of your time. Just few words, and a click, you may be able to save thousands of innocent lifes.



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