Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

to be released at 21st July 2007..

是的, 我是超级哈利波特粉丝, 爱死魔术, 呵呵..

今天早上听到HitzFM 的 JJ & Rudy 说书终于要卖了, 就在明天. 有意购买者, 请到各大书行买吧..

可惜, 中文版得等等了..

到底哈利有没有死? 看书就知道咯..


3条回应 to “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”

  1. oh…u couldn’t wait 2 read d ending…

    but i’m tat kind of hard-core fans who will line up as early as 4am 2 wait 4 d release…

    n i usually bought paperback version

  2. ~pacco~
    wow…. ur also a harry’s fans huh?
    uh, what is paperback version huh?

  3. paperback is d softcover version…

    sorry..i think my previous comment had typo error..

    actually i’m not that kind of hard-core fans who bought it on d 1st day..

    but for all d hype n i’m afraid my frenz will start talking about it…i went 2 bought a copy @ KLCC during noon…

    but was dissapoited that the fat lady n griffyindor decoration r no longer there…


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