Café Serena Brasserie, Nikko Hotel

Big bosses are here, bought us a sumpsous dinner at Nikko Hotel. Hahaha… Its a buffet dinner at Café Serena Brasserie.

1st dish – salad (cherry tomatoes, ham, vege .. )
The vege very fresh, love the cherry tomatoes..

2nd dish – vege soup
Soup was OK, there is another soup, India Lamb soup, taste bad, actually like no taste at all..

3rd dish – oysters + mussels + prawns
Oyster yucky, too fishy.. Prawns ok, quite fresh, Mussel so so..

4th dish – sashimi + sushi
Handroll, the seaweed been put under the air too long i guess, not crispy at all, difficult to chew.. Salmon sashimi was great, very fresh..

5th dish – main course (fried rice, fettucini, grilled beef, fish,…)
Fettucini taste great, cheesy.. Fried rice so-so.. Others also so-so..

6th dish – the chocolate fountain (grapes + dragon fruit)
Actually dont really fancy this too much, the combination of dragon fruit + cholate disgusting.. Strawberries are ok, but they dont serve strawberries at the chocolate fountain corner, we took it from the fruit section, which was the decoration actually..

7th dish – fruit
Watermelon was sweet sweet.. the Jambu also sweet sweet.. others just so-so..

8th dish – dessert (mint tiramisu, cheese cake, creme caramel, cheese tart, macademia nuts)
The tiramisu, my god.. the worse i ever had, probably its so different from the tradisional tiramisu i have usually. Cheese tart not bad, love the macademia nuts.

9th dish – banana boat, specially customized by my lovely colleague, BL + J
Ice cream was so-so.. my colleagues put banana in it and it taste great.

me, enjoying..

Frankly, the food taste so so only, not really worth for RM75++, and not much choices.. I especially like the macademia nuts.. taste great.


4条回应 to “Café Serena Brasserie, Nikko Hotel”

  1. !!!!!!
    should ask u da bao…
    then call me to take it~~

  2. ~关义俊 gondolier~
    better dont… and luckily u didnt..
    i’ve been diarhoea since just now.. 😦
    gosh.. must be the oyster….

  3. 酒店的自助餐 =,= 好極有限….

  4. ~狐~
    Shangri-la, Regent, Legend 都很好吃喔..


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