Genting International Jazz Festival – Day 2

The second night of the concert..

Hm, didn’t really get to enjoy it, only managed to catch 1 band, which was a great band too – ACOUSTIQUE. Really like the beautiful vocalist, sings well, and dance well..

We got the same old seats again this night, the air really mades me freezed, and lost all my mood to enjoy the rest of the show. 😦

The first band performed was THE FUNK MOB, from Malaysia. Their music to me, was just so-so, probably not my type again. And so i went back to room to get my scarf.

On my way back, passed by The Olive, saw a guy demonstrating how to make a cigar there. so now i know the process to produce a cigar..

rolling the leaf

the leaf for cigar

the final products

After got my scarf, went back to the concert again. And, managed to catch the very well band, the ACOUSTIQUE. This is definitely a not-to-miss band. 😀

It was too freezing and the air mades me sleepy. So i decided to call it a day and went back to sleep. Cant stand the coolness and tiredness. But before i left, i can see the night are much more merrier and hot than the previous night.. haha.. everybody just enjoyed it!



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