I hate KL public transport..

I really hate KL’s public transport. 😦 Sigh..

I actually left office at 0600, but guess what time I got home?? 2100. It took me 3 hours to reach home yesterday!!!

My gosh.. waited for one and half hour jsut for the Tempatan Express, where it stated the frequent of the bus is actually 15 minutes for peak hour.

What is this.. 15 mins become one and a half hour???

Another thing is the LRT… Always have this ‘Unavoided Technical Problem’.

Please, if you know it for the first time, start do something on it??? You can prevent it to repeat again and again right? Not just let it to happen for its an ‘unavoidable technical problem’?

Someone please kill me….


2条回应 to “I hate KL public transport..”

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I know how is your feeling! I got to take 3 bus to get to KL and 3 bus to get back my home…….

  2. ~cbjkelvin~
    Hm, so I found my member here..
    but 3 hours every day just to work and back home? My goodness… Where do you work and stay? And, u just keep going on like this every day?? You are amazing!


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