Baby’s 2 years old birthday

Bought baby a Black Florest cake form Kings. Hm,.. I know, its ‘cheap’, but well, that’s what I afford to.. sorry baby.. but never mind, i’ll buy u a better cake next year k? promise.. 🙂



p/s: apparently she doesnt like th cherry on the cake.. haha.. left them on her bowl somehow.. 

p/s2: the quality of the photos isnt good, rather dark.. but if i on the flash it will be too light.. hm.. anyway.. just didnt really took care of the lights effect though..


2条回应 to “Baby’s 2 years old birthday”

  1. happy birthday 2 u, baby….

    yea, my owner is constantly complaining about d camera flash during indoor photo shooting…

  2. ~amanda85~
    thanks.. 🙂


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