McDonald’s FREE Sausage McMuffin 2

Went to McDonald KL Sentral, for the free Sausage McMuffin this morning.

Reached there 0735, waited for about 10 minutes till the people with pyjamas coming out from the counter. It’s the pyjamas man!! and pyjamas girl!! haha.. (dont know what im so excited about? probably ‘coz they holding the coupon for exchange?)

Anyway, I quick quick goto the pyjamas girl, and get the coupon from her, and get myself in the queue. Long queue though.. While waiting, I see the two of them walking here and there to give people coupon. Just beofre 0800, the coupon finished. They just carrying the board and walk here and there again..
Gosh.. Did they just prepared few coupons? Or were there too many people to finish the coupons?

Anyway, after I got my burger, I just left the place and continue my journey..

So, whoever interested, remember to reached tehre early early.. the best is before 0745, grab the coupon from the pyjamas guy or pyjamas girl, then queue for ur burger!!

the pyjamas guy and pyjamas girl giving coupons


Long queue huh?                   this is the Sausage McMuffin burger


p/s: My colleague told me she tried to get the burger somewhere near to her house. But the staff told her she needs to purchase a breakfast then only she is eligibled to redeem the free burger. Hm, but it’s not stated in the coupon at all? The staff even showed her their internal rules book regarding this method. Then she just left, with the coupon. I mean no point right? It’s like cheating.. If this is the condition, should have written on the coupon.

p/s: The burger actually taste so-so only… 😦


5条回应 to “McDonald’s FREE Sausage McMuffin 2”

  1. FOC one…
    what you want o…?

  2. ~关义俊 gondolier~
    but then… dont have to be so like that right..
    although its FOC, its a good way to promote their product ma..
    FOC like this, then i bet ppl will pay money to get one.. 😐

  3. this isnt new product rite?

    if not mistaken…
    i tried b4, no good for me

  4. ~义俊~
    uh dont know.. its been a very long time i didnt take McD’s breakfast.. used to take the McEgg set only..

  5. This is a topic which is close to my heart… Take care!

    Where are your contact details though?


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