Paddington House of Pancakes

Went to Paddington House of Pancakes with my lovely girlfriends, Judy, MunYee and Katherine just now. It was supposes to be MunYee’s birthday celebration, her birthday was last month. But too bad, due to some reasons, everybody was busy so we postponed it to today.

This shop is specialized in pancake, and yes, they served superb pancake!

this is what i ordered, pancake with lamb

this is what Katherine ordered, soft pancake with chicken

this is what MunYee ordered, assorted mini pancakes

this is what Judy ordered, pancake chicken burger

the pretty girls

this is regine with her food, tired regine..

The pancakes are really great, especially when it served with different ingredient. Its just not like those tradisional pancake, served with milk, or cream, or jam.. They served with meats, fruits, and etc..

So, girls talk. We talk and talk, till the waiter wanted to chase us out.. They put a ‘reserved’ plat on our table. Gosh, i think this is rather rude. Hey we are still sitting on the table! Anyway, we just ignore the plat and continue to sit and chat there… 😐

We planned to have seafood next month, before Katherine going back to Sabah. Should have gather more.. So seafood.. here we come.. hahaha..


6条回应 to “Paddington House of Pancakes”

  1. wow its been a long time i dint drop by, busy with works! o.O
    paddington cakehouse? the first time i eat it i like it so much, but after my bday celebration with only my parents, i eat till too full and dun feel like eating it anymore, until now..
    hopefully my appetite for pancake comes again ^^

  2. ~lunaticgal~
    hi hi welcome back 🙂
    i think pancake makes u very full, cant take much, just 1 or 2 pieces will be nice. plus, they have some side dishes.
    anyway, may ur appetite of pancake back asap, so u can enjoy the pancakes again! cheers~

  3. 通常只是吃麥當勞的 @@

    看到可以有那麼多花樣…. 傻掉…

  4. ~狐~
    呵呵.. 下次你来我们可以去吃的..

  5. 其實,我下個星期應該會到KL哈哈哈

  6. ehehe… Next time if we dine there again, better sit outdoor. Indoor is too smoky, caused all of us so smelly when walked out from the restaurant. =P


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