When friend became enemy..

Was listen to the HitzFM this morning on my way to work. Caught this topic from JJ n Rudy. Well, I think this is quite common among friends. One minute ur good friend, the next minute ur enemy to the death.

I had this problem before, long when I was in secondary. What really happened is that, hm.. actuallyI also not sure whats the reason. Just suddenly, I find this girl, my used to be good friend, no longer my good friend. She was like trying to avoid me, whenever there is any outing, she never calls me. I felt funny then and wondering what happened, what did I do wrong that she hates me? In fact, I still wondering it now.. hm..

Later, during the last semester of our secondary, everybody was busy writting the book. Yea the popular book. She wrote something like this on my book. “I dont know why and since when our friendship fade. But I’m glad that you are my friend. You are a nice and friendly girl, and you are just you. I hope you will forever be you.”

So, she actually felt the same, just we didnt really make a move to clear the doubts, or missunderstandings. I guess its my fault too, I should have do something. Anyway, its all past now.

We do keep contact once a while now, hm.. sometimes quite long time. Usually when I go back to hometown during CNY, we will have a gathering for all our secondary mates.

Well, atleast we aren’t enemy.. 🙂

Best wishes to you. Cheers~


2条回应 to “When friend became enemy..”

  1. how’s ur last sunday?
    actually i’m planning to go…
    i forgot le, coz i got appointment at selayang and wangsa maju at morning session…

    the next one i should at ipoh, my best friend wedding.

  2. ~关义俊 gondolier~
    didnt went to the event last sunday, was overslept..
    my friends was there, he said not many dogs there.
    am looking forward to the next event on 27th may..


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