Pan’s Labyrinth

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Ofelia settles down with her mother Carmen, recently remarried with the highly domineering Vidal, captain in the pro-Franco army. While the little girl struggles to get used to her new life, she discovers nearby the great family house a mysterious labyrinth. Pan, its faithful guardian, a strange magical and demonic creature, will reveal to her that she is none other than the princess who long ago disappeared from an enchanted realm. To discover the truth, Ofelia will have to face three dangerous trials that nothing on earth has prepared her for…

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Just finished this show. Oh i took my lunch hours to watch this.. :p

Hm.. Actually i dont really understand the morale behind the story. And i definitely dont think this is suitable for kids (i thought this is a mystery or legendary story, just ilke harry potter). Anyway, this is indeed a cruel and violent and sad story.

Am a bit confused of the ending.. Did Ofelia sacrificed herself and managed to get back to her kingdom? Or did she just wished for it and its all her illusion??


3条回应 to “Pan’s Labyrinth”

  1. I did watch the show.
    I think at the ending part should be telling us that she get back to her kingdom & her mother as well.
    some of the morale that I feel in this movie:
    1. We should follow our promise & rules. At the scene of the 2nd task.
    2. Not trying to hurt those irrelated persons to fulfill ur dream.
    hehe…just some of my thinking of this movie. But this movie really quite violent, some more totally not understand what they are talking… @_@

  2. Oh gosh.. i bet i dare not watch this!
    looks like LOTR demon >.

  3. 风の翼:
    hm.. so this is actually a fantasy sort of show? or the realistic violent type?
    oh.. the version i watched comes with english + chinese subtitle.. haha.. can still catch the subtitle me..

    the faun and the elfs and others, are really not pretty at all.. :p


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