New Trick?

Yesterday when we went to MBB at Bandar Park, Old Klang Road, we met a Chinese man claimed that he is from China, come here to meet a friend but unfortunately he cant find the friend. And so bad luck, his money ran out. So he wanted to borrow some money from us, hoping we can help him since we are all CHINESE.

The guy dressed decent, in his 40 i think, taking a small bag, those business man used to bring that type, n yes he looks business man type too…

Anyway, we just say no and drove the car away. I then wonder if we talk to him more, will we get unconscious and give him all we have? U know, like those 迷魂党.. Hm.. So what we all are CHINESE? I dont know u and u dont know me.. The society today is so sick, that everybody lost faith to others. Its good to have a sense of self protection i think. Correct me if i’m wrong.. If he really in trouble, i think he can go to China Embassy and get help there right?

Hm.. wonder if they(迷魂党) have new trick now?


2条回应 to “New Trick?”

  1. its kinda confused on this case bcoz we dunno what we should or shouldnt.

    too protective… because we see many cases happened before.

    normally in this case ill give some money…
    if he cheat.. then i lost those money.
    if he really need help.. then i did help him..
    dunno le… kinda confusing.. compare to last time..
    normallly no harm inviting them come home yamchar summore ^^

  2. lunaticgal:
    hm.. u may be right..
    but just an advise, its better dont let strangers come to ur house.. so dangerous..


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