What am i thinking?

He always said dont know what am i thinking, dont know whats inside my mind. It seems like my body is here, but my soul been fly to dont know where.. Never focus of concentrate on anything.

Ive been thinking the same question too. The answer is I dont know either..


6条回应 to “What am i thinking?”

  1. its normal for that…
    if we know ourself too detail, aint it quite boring? 😛

  2. lunaticgal:
    hm.. but if we dont even understand ourself.. how are we going to understand others?
    this is what he said.. “we should have understand ourself, before we understand others”.

  3. nope.. its totally different things isnt it? its like…

    ok for example:
    if u study, doesnt mean u gotto know science only u can do maths 😛

    hahha,, make sense? juz take it easy ok~

  4. lunaticgal:
    hm.. but i think ur example is a bit different from the case wo?
    some things u can do this, but it doesnt apply to all lo..
    but anyway, the EQ must be good enough.. training my EQ now haha

  5. haha.. self conciousness?

  6. lunaticgal:
    well.. in a way.. 😀


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