Forest Of Death

Synopsis from Golden Screen Cinemas Online:
There is a notorious forest adjacent to Mt. Fuji that attracts many young people to commit suicide every year. According to one local report, most of their bodies had never been found. The story begins in this mysterious forest where a criminal has abducted the Prime Minister’s daughter. He took the girl to the forest, where he raped and murdered her. After a dedicated investigation, a suspect, ERIC, was soon arrested. However, the prosecution has been unable to prove his guilt, due to insufficient forensic evidence. No DNA proof can be obtained since a condom was used during the intercourse.

Steven is a student of botany who has written his doctorate paper on the theory that “Plants Are Sentient Creatures’. He spends all his time and effort trying to prove that plants have feelings, and even language. Steven’s theory soon gains worldwide attention. Both media and academics come all the way to Japan to meet and interview Steven. Seizing this opportunity, Steven proposes to take his apparatus and the murder suspect to the crime scene forest and conduct the experiment. The purpose is to obtain the testimony of the only eyewitness: the forest itself. He can further analyze the signals collected in an effort to determine whether or not the suspect is guilty.

Will the experiment succeed this time? Will the mystery of forest be disclosed to the public through the media reporting???

~~ ** ~~

Won the tickets for this preview screening yesterday. Haha.. Now only i know i can always get the copy of at the booth when u redeem the tickest. Plus, its cheaper, only RM5 per issue. So RM5 you will get 2 tickets for the show, still not bad right?

Anyway, the show was actually so-so only. Not a horror movie at all, just another X-Files type.

Ekin is getting older, can see all his wrinkles around his eyes. my god.. not handsome anymore :p

Shu-Qi, my my.. i wonder what was she doing all the while, she is in HK right? how come her cantonese never been improved? but still, she looks good in the show.

The story wise, hm.. nothing much to comment actually. some part they just bring forward like that, didint elaborate further of the story line, like how does Tian know about them? Who are they, the alien, or the tree spirits? and etc etc etc.. some part were boring though..

I remember there was a scene where Shu-Qi brought Ekin, the team and the suspect who been charged for raped a girl, back to the place for crime scene replay. Ekin is doing some research with the plantation, saying the plant able to pass message, so Shu-Qi requested Ekin help to get message from the plants there to justify if the suspect is the one. There, were some scene replay, which is what actually hapened. The suspect did raped the girl, with condom, and when he done, he took out the condom and swallow it. My godness.. it was so disgusting.. Just imagine the condom full of sperm get into ur mouth, into ur stomach… aiks.. such a pervert..

Oh, forgot to mention.. hehe.. the crew actually took a photo of mine, said wanted to give me a call today to interview for my opinion after the show. And, it will be showing in next issue of magazine.. hahaha.. i wonder if my photo was OK last night.. was so ugly.. :p



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