Tradeship Online Company Trip cum Team Building

Went PD last weekend for company trip cum team building. This is the very first time I ever attended team building activity.. It’s supposed to be fun, except that I was coughing badly.. 😦

Anyway, the trip was fun, still.. The hotel was OK, just I personally think the condition is a rather balia, especially the food. Lunch and dinner are having the same dishes, perhaps dinner have one or two dishes different. Breakfast is good, more choices. However, the taste are hm, the OMG type.. Facilities wise.. we went for a visit at the sauna and steam bath, the so-called fitness centre. And, I find something interesting, the person in charge told me I cant wear slipers in, have to take it off and walk in without shoes on my feet. But, she told my colleagues who wear sport shoes, you may go in as it is. Hm.. whats the meaning behind? Anyway, just find the place there balia again, just dont have good feeling to try any facilities given.. Oh forgot to mention, the hotel name is Corus Paradise Hotel.

Aside that, the team building activities are fun. The trainer actually prepared us interesting games. He asked us to solve some puzzles, which is a tool.. sorry didnt took photos of those cute little thingy, but I find them all amazing.. And I think the person who create it are really great!

There are prizes for the winning team.. Hm.. there are total of 4 teams, 3 teams will have prizes, and we are the last team.. get nothing at all.. hm… 😦 Well, the process count.. it was fun.. haha…

So, the next day, everybody back with super duper tired body and mind… everybody slept in the bus… way we go home..

This is my name tag.. designed by me.. 😀

These photos taken during activities..

Team 3 – Power Station

Team 2 – Striker

Team 1 – Fantastic 6 (which is my team, second right was actually, my sketching, draw by my team member. cool huh)

Team 4 – Firestorm

Taken last day with the trainer..

Personally like this, can be my wallpaper.. haha.. nice?

Sunset caught at the hotel



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