It’s Chinese New Year again..

Time really flies, soon it’s gonna be Chinese New Year again.. 😉  Can hear cny songs almost every corner, especially on radio. Then I started to count.. Oh, so it’s less than a month.. 😀

So, have you purchased any cny clothes yet?

Have you purchased any cny food yet?

Have you purchsed any cny canned food? Hm..I think applied to those who already have family huh? :p

Anyway, I remember the time when I was in my hometown, I usually the one who company and responsible to be my mom’s driver, send here for her cny stuff purchashing.. Also, I’m the one who drove here here and there to visit relatives and friends during cny. Hm.. The most thing I love about was, “HongHong, getting prettier oh.. “. The most thing I hate about was, “HongHong, when going to find yourself a bf and get married ar?” Gosh.. like I’m so “leftover”.. 😦 But, come to think about it now.. not able to have the chance to spend the cny with my mom is the most sorry ever to me now..

Hm.. what do u usually do during CNY?


4条回应 to “It’s Chinese New Year again..”

  1. o.0
    my relatives also always ask me u have gf already…?

  2. hahaha.. sometimes i dont know if they got nothing better to talk on, or they are really concern or they just want to 38 😛

  3. hi hi, long time didnt show up :p

    don’t know since when… I seldom go visit any relatives (since there isn’t many around at my hometown anyway…and furthermore some of them used to go other places to celebrate CNY due to sons/daughters outstation), so, not so much chance to get “questionned” ^_^”

    most of the time I just stay at home for CNY while my parenst and sisters go out to visit around (tat’s why I normally gain weight during CN… at home can always eat and eat :p)

  4. haha.. welcome back! 🙂
    oh yea.. at home can always eat and eat and eat.. this is so true.. I used to eat a lot too during CNY.. hm.. but seems like this two years I didnt.. Probably dont feel like it’s home?


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