No No not gonna get locked in Lift again..

Gosh.. nearly get caught in the lift again last night, when Steven and I went out for dinner.. 😦

The lift fall half way to 1st floor, then suddenly stop there.. 😐 Cant open, cant get to either upper or lower floor.. the buttons are just all mul-function.. I tried to press the emergency bell, it rang.. then I tried to press lower floor again, then door open.. we quickly made ourself out of the lift.. ~phew.. dont want to get stuck in the lift again.. had enough experience with it.. most importantly.. dont want to get starved and die of hunger in the lift…

p/s: it was almost 2300, we just get out for our dinner..


7条回应 to “No No not gonna get locked in Lift again..”

  1. such a “fantasy” experience….(such called it “fantasy”?)
    around 2300, where u take the lift?

  2. o.0
    this is the 2nd time?

  3. uh.. almost, but luckily, didnt 😀
    yes, this is the second time.. the first time was with my colleagues, and, there was a pregnant lady in the group 😐

  4. A pregnant lady?
    such a worst situation on it.
    so are your guys get out from the lift soon?

  5. yea, she was so afraid then, keep asking what’s gonna happen, will it be lack of air, etc..
    we managed to get out from the lift about half an hour later.
    oh and, 风の翼 it happened at the same place, my apartment’s lift. 😐

  6. such a bad situation on it.
    Oic, apartment o~~~
    did complain to their management?

  7. No point, they said they also can’t do anything, some people might just purposely damage it 😦


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