A Day of Prawn

It was a sunny day. Steven was here and we were free, so there we go to his favourite spot, again. The Prawning center, located at Sentul, Bandar Baru Sentul.

The prawns the day were not those big type, compared to what we got last time. It was Saturday, and they usually put in prawns at about 1800. I went to the lorry ful of prawns to check out the size, hm.. dissapointed, not big at all..

Anyway, Steven managed to prawn about 20+ prawns, in 4 hours. 😀 Not many, but ok ok lor. So, we brought the prawns to his sister house, for his bro-in-law steamboat! Yeah, love the soup his bro-in-law made. 4 chickens been used, u can imagine how sweet is the soup!! 😀

preparing the bate

prawn coming..

untied the prawn

put it in the basket


like quite big huh?



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