Coconut Flower Garden, Telok Gong

Went for seafood at the famous Telok Gong, Klang last Saturday with my fello colleagues.

Hm.. frankly, the food are rather dissapointed.. 😦

Small portion, doesnt really taste good, and the crab.. gosh.. so small, like those starving for long long time.. 😐

Overall, I think the best is the butter frid prawn, not bad.. and the asam fish.. the gravy is great. The rest.. hm..

Not sure if the standard drop or what?

Food we ordered, prawn fried meehoon, fried sotong, or jian, stir fried vege,
crab with mamid style, oatmeal fried prawn

‘Or Jian’, and stir fried vegetable

let’s tuck in!

Jason, Kelly, Regine, Boon, CheanChean, Siew Mei, Yook Ling


4条回应 to “Coconut Flower Garden, Telok Gong”

  1. 吃螃蟹得看季節丫….

  2. ~狐~

  3. 9月過後螃蟹通常都沒把那麼好吃

  4. ~狐~
    哦.. 不知道哩..


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