QBa, Westin

Celebrated Judy & Katherine Birthday at QBa, Westin Hotel last Saturday. It was really a great time!

Judy’s birthday was actually at 29th Nov, and Katherine’s at 16th Nov. Due to our tight schedules, so we finally made it on 2nd Dec. :p

QBa is actually a Latin Style Restaurant cum Dancing Bar. Every night after 10pm, u can find many people dancing around the dancing hall, in front of the performance band. Just cool… Something special u can find in KL.

Regine, Judy, Mun Yee

Katherine, Judy, Mun Yee

Regine, Katherine

Mun Yee, Regine

Regine, Katherine
* hm.. actually I personally think I look a little alike Tata Young.. Hahaha.. 😀

The food are superb! Taste so yummy, cooked so well 😀 I like every dishes we ordered, except the cod fish, didn’t try it out. But according to Mun Yee it tastes great.

Sirloin Steak with Red Wine Sauce Regine ordered

Cod Fish Steak Mun Yee ordered

Grilled Lamb Shank Katherine ordered

Rib Eye Steak Judy Ordered

Appetiser, garlic bread with salsa sauce

dessert that I forgot the name.. :p

another dessert that I forgot the name.. some kind of mexican doughnut


2条回应 to “QBa, Westin”

  1. 好看 @@
    應該會很好吃 @@
    天丫…. 我為甚麼住在鄉下…..

  2. ~狐~
    好看又好吃! 呵呵..


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