Penang EAT EAT EAT trip.. day 2

Here goes the 2nd day in Penang..

We wake up at about 0900, and get ready for second day eat eat eat trip. First, we got to the famous Fried Kuey Teow stall, at Jalan Selamat. Hm.. too bad, the moment we reached is 1115, the stall start business at 1130. So, we just go somewhere nearby for something else to fill out stomache with something that’s light. So we went to the restaurant next to Sunway Hotel. There have a famous Fish Head meehoon, but we didn’t take that, not this day 😀 Then, there we go back to the Fried Kuey Teow stall.

Wow, u should really try the fried kuey teow here, the best I ever had. Just one thing, u have to queue for urself for the food, they aren’t going to bring it to u. And, guess what, we actually queued for almost 40 minutes for our turn 😦 Anyway, it’s worth the wait, since we aren’t rushing. The price is rather bit expensive, RM 5.50 for only 2 big prawns and some clams.

We then head to Kek Lok Si temple, Steven’s mother and sis-in-law wanted to have a pray. Took some photos too, but too bad, I left the camera in the room, so the photos aren’t with me now 😦

Then, we head to Balik Pulau, for the famous Asam Laksa! It took us some times to reach there. Hm.. but frankly, I would prefer the Asam Laksa at the pasar located at the kaki bukit of Kek Lok Si. This one taste rather sweet, and not sour and spicy enough. Not the taste that I’m looking for.. And, we bought some marinated fruits there too. Cheap and tasty.. 😀

After the Kek Lok Si temple, we head to uh, actually I also not sure what’s the place called :p A place of fruits garden, Saw a lots of durian trees there. haha.. too bad it’s not durian season yet 😦 Up at the top of the hill, there is a Thai Seafood Restaurant there. According to Steven’s brother they serve yummy thai style seafood too. There also have some special style hotel there, like resort type, just not at the beach but up the hill. A uniquely tradisional designed small house as a room. Hm.. I think it’s a good idea too to stay this kind of Inn.

After the tour, we went to Feringgi Mall for a walk. Steven and I went for a walk in the mall, actually just the ground floor, take a round then we went into Starbucks :p Had coffee together with them, and had a my favourite tiramisu too.. But, taste not good 😦

Met up with Steven’s uncle and aunty from Penang there. Then, we left the mall and take some rest at the apartment before we go out for dinner again..

Dinner time! the famous Gurney Drive. Hm.. actually we thought Steven’s uncle wanted to bring us for the Oriental Seafood, at Gurney Drive there. We actually go there with 3 cars, his uncle driving his parent, then rest of us in 2 cars. So, they are the first car, follows by Steven, then Steven’s bro-in-law. First, we saw the uncle show signal to stop at the Oriental Seafood, so Steven said we all get down first while he go park the car. So, ofcourse everybody get down the car.. Then, we wait and wait and wait.. still don’t see the uncle is back.. and we started to take photos.. :p wait and wait again still dont see, then we started to worry and call up Steven’s father. Hm.. ok, so the uncle said they all waiting for us at another road, ‘coz he cant find carpark there.. 😦 gosh.. so paisey.. the waiter at the door there keep staring at us when we took picture just now.. and now, after the photo session we aren’t going in there.. 😐

Anyway, we finally decided to have dinner at Gurney Drive food court. Lots of choices and variety. But actually not as good as I thought.. I ordered Asam Laksa at first, just so so.. And I ordered 100+ for drink, hm.. cant imagine the 100+ also tasteless.. We ordered also other stuff, like pohpiah, some light ‘seafood'(clams, uh, another one i don’t know what its call but its a special type of clams), fried chicken skin(this is superb, never taste like chicken skin at all :p), fried kuey teow again, but taset so so also, and some others I can’t recall now.. Just doesnt really taste good lor..

After the dinner, we went back and rest.. There goes the 2nd day..


yes we thought we going to take dinner here, but ended up we just took a picture here 😀


Steven’s parent and uncle aunty..


Steven, Shane and Regine.. Shane is Steven’s sister son. Dont know why he keep stick to me for the few days.. haha.. probably he likes me so much for I’m pretty and nice 😀



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