Penang EAT EAT EAT trip.. day 1

Went to Penang with Steven, and his family last weekend. Hm.. That’s before I’m sick.. Wonder if the trip made me sick.. 😦

Anyway, had a fun time there though.. Hehe.. All the way EAT, EAT, EAT.. But too bad, forgot to take the photos of food at all .. 😐

First, we went for Ipoh’s seafood porridge on our way up. Then, Ipoh’s rojak, follow by the famous soya bean.. Must get the one with logo a big mousey pushing troley 1.. 😀

Next, continue our journey to Taiping, had lunch there, the Pokok Asam. The restaurant is called Pokok Asam I guess :p The curry fish head is the best!

Then head to Penang we go.. We booked an apartment in Batu Ferringgi, for 13 people all of us. Hm.. actually the apartment can only occupied 8 to 10, as stated in the rules and regulations. But, dont care lar.. 😀

this is the photo we took from our apartment view.. facing the sea.. just nice..

oh.. manage to catch a photo when some people playing parachut..

the famous gurney drive.. hm.. too bad.. full of rubbish.. aiks..

So, after we checked in, everybody just laze around and shower and get ready for dinner… Hm.. Frankly, I don’t know what’s the place it is.. Somewhere at the seaside, and next to a temple. There serve seafood, fresh and quite cheap seafood.. We ordered many dishes.. grilled crabs, salted grilled prawns, grilled fish, ‘or jian’, grilled chicken wings, fried squid.. Everything are so fresh and yummy.. The chili sause also taste good.. haha. oh too bad I left the camera in the room 😦 And, we actually had ‘candle light’ dinner that night.. 😐 ‘coz they have some problems with the power supply.. everywhere just so dark.. uh, don’t know if I ate something I shouldn’t.. haha..

After the dinner we just go back home n rest.. There go the first day..


4条回应 to “Penang EAT EAT EAT trip.. day 1”

  1. u make me home sick…
    i miss the soya and taufu hua~

  2. uh.. haha.. i think u should thank me.. for remind u of ur home.. sweet home 😀
    lets go balik rumah!

  3. o.0
    this month wont go back…

  4. uh.. hm.. just one month still ok ler..
    how long do u usually go back uh?
    may be next time can tumpang u to buy the yumyum soya bean? 😀


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