Sigh.. Today is Friday, and Friday supposed to be happy day.. ‘coz it represent the last working day of a week. But how come early in the morning when I wake up, felt so headache? In fact, heavy headache.. 😦

Slept early last night though, 2300+. How come I still can’t wake up this morning and feel like my head so heavy.. Hm.. no I’m not sick, yet..

Sigh.. Had a dream, don’t know if that’s a good sign or bad. Dreamt about steven, and I were at a gambling table. He is winning some money, the stack of money keep doubled up. Half way, I went away alone, for a surgery, which I forgot what surgery is that, something to do with the stomach area.. 😐

The doctor asked me is someone with me? I answered him no, I’m all alone. Then he asked me to lie at the bed, and he will tranquelized me.. And then my phone ring, I mean in real.. The alarm ring. It’s time to wake up..

People said, when you think of something in the day time too much, it will reflects inur dream at night. 日有所思﹐ 夜有所夢. Is this so true? But what does the dream mean?


2条回应 to “Sighh..”

  1. 想太多了?
    u always think of surgery??!!
    if u really scare, then go body checkup

  2. hm.. no i dont think of surgery..
    perhaps its the feeling of being alone that bother me? hm..


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