Do u sleep like this?


Hahaha… got this pictures from some forwarded mail.. Well, I personally think the dog is so cool.. Like that also can sleep still.. 😀

Hm.. should pay attention to baby when she is asleep. But, too bad, we don’t have a dog house for her.. I guess next post I’ll just put some of baby photos while asleep.. haha..


6条回应 to “Do u sleep like this?”

  1. last time i myself also like this, from bed to floor

  2. uh.. hm.. ever tried from floor to bed again? :Þ

  3. hahha….
    yesterday is
    floor -> sofa -> bed

  4. speechless…
    haha.. consiously? or unconsiously?

  5. actually is fall asleep on chair 1st, then feel hot, so lay on floor, but not uncomfortable, then go to sofa, then realize that i should go back to my bed room.

  6. oh ok.. atleast ur consious.. :Þ
    and u realize it’s not comfortable and get into ur room..
    that’s good enough though.. in a way


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