love = investment?

Was listening to radio988 on my way to office just now. The 3 minutes story by Chan Foong, again stroke my heart. The topic today was Greedy. But what made me think next is if love equal to investment?

See, according to Chan Foong’s story, when we do some good deed, and ask for rewards, the thinking is known as greedy too. And it works for love too. When you love a person, you don’t ask for the person MUST love you, you just can hope. The more you pay on the relationship, the moreyou hope for the rewards. Which, I think, this is already some kind of investment. We ASK for rewards after giving out so much.

Some people take relationship as investment. They ask for rewards after they spend times, money and efforts on it. Some even request 200% return in the said investment. Once they failed, they will go into wrong direction. Kill the partner, then kill themself, or, some other horrible stuff.

I think relationship isn’t an investment after all.

Yes, we hope for rewards, we hope the person will love us as we do. But, it’s not a must. They have their freedom whether to accept us as we are, and we should accept their decision.

Yes, we put efforts and time, and money perhaps. But, this is what we willing to give out as an expression of our love. Not an exchange to what we want in the end.

And, yes, theoritically it may be same, both need efforts so to maintain, and if you win, u got him/her or the money, if you lost, you lost him/her or the money. But practically, the mindset behind is the culprit. We may lost the person in the end, but think of another way, we may change a way to love the person. Love doesn’t means to own the person, to be with the person. As long as he/she is happy, that count.



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