Another weekend..

Steven was back last weekend, so we went out for some activities together. Initially I thought to spend the weekend at home, just want to get some rest at home, after a long stretchful week. Then, Steven suggested we go for prawning.. Haha.. it’s been quite a while since I last visit with him, so YES! Well, atleast I get to eat prawn, big prawn again.. 😀

The Prawning place is located in Sentul, Hm.. now sure what it’s called, just know how to get there :p  Anyway, for Steven’s skill, yes we managed to get some prawns, big ones, small ones, middle sizes.. 5 hours for 1kg.. Hm. not very good result but ok lor..

Then, we went to Setapak to get a restaurant have the prawns cooked. And, Steven called his brother and his gf, Ching to join us for supper. Haha.. the restaurant really cooked the prawns nicely.. just to the taste of it! ‘Dry Cooked Soy Source Prawn’..  uh actually I dont know what does it called in English. :p

After the supper, went to Steven’s brother house to get some dvds.. Hohoho.. Will be some busy weeks with this series… 🙂



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