Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to Regine,
Happy brithday to me!


Today, marked the 30th years of my existence in the world.. Hm.. Dont ask me how am I going to celebrate my birthday, yet. ‘Coz I have no idea at all..

May be will go for a movie, may be more :p there are lots of movies I hope to catch on.

May be will go for some nice food, but I doubt this, ‘coz we, I mean Steven and I, already had our very well dinner during our trip back in Genting. May be I can post it later. 😉

May be will bring baby for a walk at the park there. Ever since Steven’s friend Louis, closed the shop in Ikano, we didn’t go there now, not so convenient to leave baby there. So, it’s been quite some times she didn’t go out.. 😦 pitty baby..

May be will just stay at home, sleep whole day, and do nothing.. 😐

Anyway, I remember when I was a little girl, and since I’m the youngest in my family 😀 I used to get a cake every year. It never stop untill .. hm.. this year, yet. 🙂 I know I’m the lucky one, and I really do appreciate it. Thanks to my Mummy, Thanks for my sisters, Thanks to my friends, and Thanks to Steven 🙂

And, I remember there was a year, I received 3 cakes.. hahaha.. hm.. That was during my college. First cake is from my sister, second cake is from my friends, the third cake also from my friends, but different gang. 😀

Hm.. but I never received ‘red egg’ before, not that I remember.. Chinese people say, the birthday boy or girl must eat ‘red egg’ on their birthday, it bring good luck for the coming year. Hm.. How come I never eat one? Oh I ate ‘red egg’ from other’s birthday though..

So, how did you usually spend your birthday?



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