BOM Brazil

Thanks to Judy, Mun Yee, and Katherine, for the wonderful dinner at BOM Brazil. We went there to celebrate my birthday, cum gathering actually. Though it’s a bit early 😉

Located along Changkat Bukit Bintang, BOM Brazil serves its meat all barbequed, and marinated in their very own special 30 year old recipe. They have this barbeque buffet, at RM 60 per pax, and that’s what we ordered the night.

The buffet included a soup of the day, a basket of bread and fried fries, and free-fill salad, and assorted barbequed meat.

Like especially the fried fries, taste so crunchy.

The bread taste good too, soft and smooth served with theunsalted butter.

Salad.. this, is so-so to me. But I like the spaghetti they served. Not too hard yet not too soft, served with the delicious tomatoes paste. Just nice! Oh, not to forget the mashed potatoes, this served without gravy. Cheesy, and smooth, taste good too.

Now come to the main course, the barbequed meat. They actually have the meat cooked in the kitchen, and when it’s ready, the waiter bring out one by one, going table by table to serve customer. Special huh?

They have assorted meat, chicken, beef, lamb, fish, sausages too. I like especially the beef marinated in garlic, yummy.. and the beef kebab, yummy too. The doly fish was not bad the first time, when we tried the second time, it taste a bit salty. The lamb leg was not bad, a bit to dry. Oh they donot serve gracy or sause for all the meat, only chili sauce.

As conclusion, I like the food there, the environment and ambience are good too. Brazilian.. haha.. guess what, they have Ronaldo’s specialty there, its some kind of drink, cocktail or mocktail. But none of us tried that.

We reached there at 6pm. Then start to check on the menu, and tuck in. And, we leave at almost 12am, when they plan to close shop soon. 😀 Guess it’s because we didn’t catch up each other for so long, there are so many things to talk about. haha..

Well, I had a wonderful night, with wonderful food, in the cmpany of 3 wonderful pretty and young ladies. 😉 Thanks girls!

Bom Brazil Churrascaria
#35, Changkat Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2144 8763
Mobile: +6017-368 8816
Fax: +603-2142 5673

Opens daily from 6pm to 12 am.



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