SMS to become a RAKANCOP

Just read this from some days ago.

To become a RAKANCOP, you can just sms to register.

Steps are like below:

1) enter “RAKANCOP<space>negeri<space>daftar<space>name”,
e.g. RAKANCOP KL daftar regine.
p/s: Ofcourse you have to use a real name, as in your I.C.

2) send to 32728.

Once succesfully registered, you will get a RAKANCOP registration no. 

To send information to Police,

1) SMS :
– just enter “POLISKL<space>information”

2) Hotlines :

Kuala Lumpur :03-21159999
Selangor :03-20529999
Perlis :04-9711999
Kedah :04-7392999
Penang :04-2691999
Perak :05-2401999
Negeri Sembilan :06-7619999
Malacca :06-2851999
Johor Bahru :07-2212999
Pahang :09-5151999
Terengganu :09-6270499
Sabah :088-318555
Sarawak :082-240800

8条回应 to “SMS to become a RAKANCOP”

  1. Ah~Thx 4 da informations~

  2. Jamilah Binti Sharif Says:

    I like to enquiry from you. If the guy totally NOT a POLIS can he registered as ‘ BEKAS BEKAS PESARA POLIS ‘
    Thank you.
    Best Regards

  3. Jamilah Binti Sharif Says:

    someone who is on BANKKRUPCY from other country but he is Malaysian can they buy any transport ?
    Thank you

  4. ~Jamilah~
    Sorry to tell that I am actually not involved with any law and rules of Malaysia, so I don’t have the answer for your question. May be you can inquire the concerned party on this?

  5. If a married policeman has a scandal with another girl,what is the punishment will be given if the policeman’s wife report to the Headquarters?

  6. Heya…

    Wasn’t what I was looking for, but very fine website. All the best….

  7. revenge…

    It is great to see this kindof open discussion. I wish more website had this option….


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