Genting Day 1

The next trip after Penang is Genting Highlands!

We were to meet my eldest sister, Young Ching, her husband Bro Tong, and her two little boys, Kenneth and Danile there. They were coming from Kuantan.

My second sister, Yvonne didn’t join the trip, for she is sick after the trip to Penang.

Steven will be our schauffer for the trip. =Þ We reached there about 1pm. Quickly checkin and bring our staff in the room, and waiting for my eldest sister, Young Ching. They reached earlier than us, so they went for lunch first. After meet up with them, they wanted to take a nap, so we go for our lunch then.


taken while waiting for Steven check-in

We went to the Good Friend Fast Food Restaurant for lunch. I had Char-Siew & Roasted Pork Rice, Steven had Char-Siew Rice, and my sister Samantha had Dry Noodle, and her two little angels sharing a plate of Chicken Rice. The food are nice, delicious. But the price is really so expensive. A set of Char-Siew Rice, which include a soft drink cost RM14++. =O

After lunch, we went for the in-door playground so the two little angels could play with.


from left, Shannon, Steven, and Shirley


little Shannon posing


Steven with Shirley on top. hm, unbelievably, the two little girls gets so closed with Steven,
they usually just stick to their mum.


a father of two daughters?


Shannon on Mary-Go-Round


Regine and Shirley on Mary-Go-Round



We went back to the room after a while when they gets tired. The two little boys still asleep, so we chit chat a while with my eldest sister and bro-in-law.

When everybody all set for another round of play, we went down to the indoor playground again.


Danielle on elephant


the little boys and girls with elephant, with hm, a stranger dont know who?


Shannon and Shirley on the train


Kenneth and Danielle on the train


Shannon spinning for her lucky toy


Regine posing in front of a big spinning world cup ball statue



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