Always Ready – 随时侯命

Am watching a Hong Kong Drama Series now, named ‘Always Ready – 随时侯命’, starred by Ekin Cheng, Bowie Lam, Charmaine Sheh, etc.

The story is about the GFS (Government Flying Service) department, surrounding the crew’s life. Bowie is the pilot, and Ekin is the crewman of the team. They have to standby fly out for rescue people, put down mountain fires, sometimes have to act as a transporter for the VIP. Never realize Hong Kong have such department, I bet Malaysia won’t have such department? Or may be I just didn’t know?

Anyway, there is a story line, saying the Charmaine and Ekin was couple. But Charmaine get caught in an accident, and became a vege-people. When she finally wake up after 3 years, she lost all her memories. She can’t remember her name, she can’t remember everything at all, most importantly, she can’t remember Ekin. Rather, she feel so scared when everybody said a stranger (Ekin) was her boyfriend, and he took really good care of her. It’s like it’s your fault that you forgot the person, who being so good to you while you’re in troubles.

My question is, if you are the character that Charmaine played in the movie, what will you do? and how do you feel?

And, how do you feel, and what will you do, if you are the guy? You loves your girlfriend very much, but she forgot in an accident.


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