I slept in the car last night… =(


I missed the game.. my Brazil, my Ronaldinho.. Was actually planned to watch it after I'm back from supper, for the France's game. But, end up, I have to sleep in the car with Steven. My sister locked the door. =|

She is the one who control the remote at home, though we share the Astro fees. She doesnt watch world cup, she watched those Taiwanese Drama Series, during that period. So, Steven and I will have to either go out to watch at the mamak, or just don't watch at all.

It happened like this. She asked me to fetch her back yesterday, so I missed the 9pm game, which was the Korea's battle. Fine. So, we drag till about 11.30pm to meet up a friend of Steven to watch the 12am game at mamak. (We can't on the volume too loud as she is sleeping, usually if we watch at home, we will off the volume) I didn't inform her that I'm out, may be this is my fault that caused it. But she saw me out, and my room's door was opened.

When we returned at about 2am+, I tried to open the door, but it's lock, from inside. No choice, we have to sleep in the car, because we don't want to awake her, she will just show her temper on us, bang the door, with long black face.

I know the reason why she don't like us to go out late. Our house been robbed once, the lock a bit spoiled and we didnt change it. It's the door itself spoiled, so even we change the lock, it won't help much. So, the door is like, so weak that it will be opened if you kick it or push it real hard. Right after that, she said it's unsecure to just leave the door such way, that she can't lock it from inside. She asked me not to go out late at night quite many times too. But sometimes, you know, when your back home, it's almost quite late. When you go out for dinner, probably 10+, or a supper, you won't be able to back before 12, before she sleep. The reason I don't want to tell her that I will be back late for she will scold me for going out late, again, say something that you wont be feeling good after hear it.

I just wonder, is it wrong that I go out late? I'm an adult, I know what should I do, and what should not. Why do you have to do that way? I have to work today, you locked the door and don't let me in, what should I do then? What is this suppose to mean? Was it you didn't know I was out? That's quite impossible huh? So, I shall just sit at home all the time, except those hour I'm working? No night life, No supper, be back before she gets to bed? Sounds a bit redicculous right?

Oh frustrated.. What should I do?

Actually the reason I want to stay with her, for we are sister, and it's good to have company while both of us are in KL. We should be helping each other, rather than to control each other? I was thinking it's dangerous that she stays alone, and when she worked late, I could have fetch her back. But now, after reconsidering it, may be I should just move out, to have my own personal life. sigh.. blur…. =(


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